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>>> he looked up at me, and he had these big brown eyes. and i saw in him the way his life was then. and it just broke my heart. >> a young man offered a way out but has never been tried before. >> there's no going back now. this thing has to work. >> plus a mother and father. it is one thing to donate your child's organs. but it is an entirely different thing to donate your child's face. decisions stunning even hospital caregivers. >> oh, my god, what is this family being asked to do? >> tonight for the first time, the story of two brave families. >> i would trade places with him in a moment. >> one unique surgeon. >> and he looked in that mirror, he thanked me, and he hugged me. >> a groundbreaking transplant to transform one life and give hope to others. >> you call it a miracle. >> yes. >> but you're the doctor. >> there had to have been some kind of divine intervention. >> a special report, "a face in the crowd." good evening, everyone, i'm ann curry. tonight we bring you a story about a second chance, a young man in rural virginia to make medical history. he would risk everyth
in love, larry wrote. life is like dry brown toast without you. lee ann was equally smitten. i lost you once and do not want to lose you again, she wrote. >> she was preparing for him to come be her husband and be a part of her life for the rest of her life. >> while he carried on with lee ann in pennsylvania, back home in san diego, larry was growing distant from connie but never mentioned getting a divorce or separating. in fact, he still kept up his family routines, even going to church with them every sunday. >> my dad was a church board member. my mom was really involved with bible studies and women's groups. it was a big part of our life. we didn't know anything was wrong. i always thought that everything was fine and great. >> so larry was leading a double life and was lying to both of the women in it? >> exactly. >> yeah. he had two complete lies. >> and lived them as one. it was really weird. >> connie remembers that time well but for different reasons. larry told her and the kids that he'd gotten a big photo contract in pittsburgh and for the next three years, larry split his
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2